hot! Hot! HOT!!!

Hot! Hot! Hot! Pakistan is really very hot! Just 1 week ago, when we were in Islamabad, the hottest temperature at 46′C was recorded there! Elsewhere in Pakistan, temperature’s climbing at >50′C! *puff*
We are now in Lahore, the historical Mogul city bordering India. Today we will be crossing into Bollywood but people have been telling us … “India will be HOTTER!!!” haa …
Pakistan has been a land of extremes, from snow-cladded northern regions to scorching hot plains, from conservative strict muslims to tea offering friendly locals … etc. etc. etc.
Next stop … stepping into the 2nd largest movie industry in the world and the world’s 2nd most populated nation … crossing from Pakistan Punjab to India’s Punjab.
Stay tuned … (even though we haven’t been tuning in to this site for sometime )

p/s: a recent check of weather forecast – monsoons coming up north towards Delhi. Heavy floods in coastal cities. hmm … cooler climate? wet days ahead? *scratch head*

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