I promised to do my BEST!

Once a scout, always a scout! At the Battrasi forest, we found a scout college. One of the top college in the country too! Remember your promise?!

These young men all wore scout uniform, which is quite similar to the army. However, scouting only represent a small portion of their huge curriculum. Of course, how else can they be the best with too much campings, hikings and singings *wink* These young men were very well-mannered & keen to approach us. On the other hand, they’ve got rules in the college hence we did not get to interact with them much.

Coincidentally, a group of high school scouts from various districts had gathered in the scout training camp that night, preparing for their trekking programs the next day. Their singings, cheerings & the enthusiasm refreshed my memories of my scouting days …… this is the scouting light of mine ….

These boys all dressed in their best, ready to set off. Keep it up! Thanks for the songs, friendship and joy you’ve shared! We promised to do our best!

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