Keeping cool with Police

As we tried asking for a night stay, the locals were quite reluctant & beckon us to head to the police station down the road. Indeed, the police showed up & took us away …

Naqeeb Ahmed, the young Detective Constable, has returned from the academy to serve in his district for 2-3 yrs now. He is fluent in English & related the tense atmosphere around the Thore region to us. Seemed we’re entering the territory of Kohistan *raise brow*

The officers on night duty have kindly given up their beds to us. This early morning, we were awaken, served tea and hurriedly bid goodbyes.

One of the check-points along this stretch of the highway. Foreigners have a standard but simple registration, while for the locals, a thorough screen seemed to be in place.

At many of the valleys with a outlet of the fresh mountain/glacier water near to the highway like this have naturally gathering more people, often forming a trading market around the communities, striving with life!

Heat is ON! We devised 2 ways to beat it … take a break under shelter, preferably at a tea house.

Else get off the cycles, park it …

Quickly get rid of the sweaty & burning clothes … *wink*

and take a dip in the clear & cold water rushing down from the mountains! What a Shiok feeling!

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