Meeting FC & Mulberry

A tourist lodge sits silently atop a village while the awesome Batura Glacier sets itself at the background together with the mountain ranges. What a perfect spot to spend the day …

As we ply the roads down the valley, trees & vegetations sprung up along with villages. The rushing river roaring away below, echoing through the majestic landscape, at all times giving life and in a slower pace yet unstoppingly eroding downstream … what would this be in 10 yrs times?

These men stationed in the frontline against the daunting mountains & withstanding the harsh conditions, nonetheless are surprising approachable & cheerful. We proudly salute the Frontier Constable & many ‘shukuria’ for the tea!

A safety net for tight-ropes walker? haha … we’re harvesting whatever is falling from the tree *wink*

Seen or even tasted these before? Sweeter than sugar I must say! These are mulberries!

A fruity reward for the teamwork. All sm:)es and strangers no more!

We came across Gulab Shah while riding down, almost passing the Jutal village. After some thoughts, he led us to his friends and all the sweets things follow. Now having dinner in his home, savouring the world of brotherhood.

After the meal, the arrangement suddenly changed. Gulab’s friend Adil Khan, and leader of their tribal youth group decided to take the responsibility to provide for our night stay. This is taken at his shop the next morning.

Gulab INSISTED on offering us another round of ice-cream from his machine before we part. Can’t help myself! Stay well and BEST WISHES to your business!

I had only stopped for a rinse by the stream when this young man called us to his home for some food. Wonder what he has in store for us … is it danger?

He was eager to make friends with foreigners and let them feel at home. This place isn’t always as dangerous as the outside people persist. More mulberry, peach, tea and sour-milk! Shukuria! Shukuria!

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