On the Road Quiz # 2

Here comes the On the Road Quiz #2

1. Consider how out of the world we & our alien-crafts must have looked to the locals, which item of our crafts do you think attract the most number of touches (more like harressments!)?
a) The Helmet
b) The Handle Bar + Bar Ends
c) Headlight
d) Saddle
e) You have something else in mind?

2. We’re often asked all sorts of questions … as much as we can understand or figure out what they’re trying to put across. However, what question do you feel we’ll try to avoid to give a definite answer?

3. The journey has provided many eye-openers to us, not just from the local people but as well as foreigner travellers we’ve crossed path. With them, we shared tales of encounter, of hardship & of wonderous moment. Before parting to resume each’s journey, we often exchange contacts, in hope to keep in touch & future meetings. Guess which country do most of the travellers we’ve met come from.

4. We started this journey last year with a certain mindset, ideas & objectives. Gradually views, expectations & needs evolved, which outline remain; we’re still on 2 bicycles & homeward headings. In our daily exchanges with local people, what phrase/s will be the most welcome from them?
eg. Amazing! Travelling by bicycle!

5. Almost 365 days on the road, 4 seasons passed, 19 borders crossed, 9 visas collected, 4 transportation rides paid, numerous loaves of bread consumed and countless of net-cafe hours used. How much budget has been drained so far?
Yes, finally the more sensitive question. Dollars & cents are not everything in life, but can’t go without either. A couple of times people have popped the query of “What if all your budgets are exhausted?” … hmmm … frankly, I haven’t give it much thoughts. What’s your opinion?

This quiz may be the last while on the road. Get the hint?! In the meantime, more updates of the journal will be publish. Stay tune & Happy Surfing! :)

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