Region of another Muslim sect …

Little did we know, by following the boy down this track at the Gircha village, we’re entering a world we knew so little of.

Mr Raza, the manager of the schools in Gupal area supported by Aga Khan Foundation, introduced us to another sect of Muslim. This region in the Northern Area are mainly populated by the Ismaili Muslim, devotees of Aga Khan. The females don’t seemed to be as reserved and were eager to interact. Here we’re all seated in the grand hall, solely for receiving guests.

A village tour by Maksut, his son, revealed a magical garden of clear spring water, fertile soil & lush greenery. This is a plot for potatoes, one of the fame export from this region.

Wheat is also a main crop & their staple food. Using the flow of the spring to the river, this 100 yrs old mill provide the grinding for the village. The owner, the grandson of the man who built the mill, just collects 1kg of flour for every usage.

How enchanting this place is, simply listening to the music of the flowing spring, rhythm of the breeze, rustle of the leaves & songs of the birds. Due to unavailable technology, we apologise for the inability to project its realism.

History says that a Sunni Muslim used to stay in the village. This ‘machit’ is where that man practice his belief, sized just for one.

There were no conflict between the different Muslim, hence this little piece of history has been preserved. Recently the unique ‘machit’ has even undergo some rework.

In the grand hall, cotton mattresses were laid for us. Such comfy and royal treatment, indeed spoilt in a 5-star accommodation. Thank you so much!

Mountains after mountains … can never get enough.

Smooth ride downhill all the waaaayyyyyyy…. in the end Sean went too fast, too furious, hit a pothole and overturned and skidded. *ouch*

A sturdy bridge over the mighty Indus river while the majestic giants look on. How small we really are.

With proper irrigation, a green oasis like this village can be cultivated. Often projects like this has been funded by foreign aid.

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