Under the shade of Rakaposhi

One of the many bridges along the KKH that has enable linkage & promoted development around the isolated terrain. The builders who made this possible years ago didn’t forget to leave behind its mark.

Yeh! A whole plate of cherries! Furthermore, fresh from the tree & it’s not a dream!

Singapore?! Can you guess which textbook is this? ;)

Only a few stretch before we were told that no one will take us into their house. This young man proved otherwise. Amjad was very keen to befriend us & know about our travel, so were we to hear of his living. After the cherries feast, he brought us hot tea & cakes! He even gave up his bedroom for these 2 tiresome travellers.

His father is a school teacher, while his sister like himself are high-scorer & hope to further study in either medical or engineering. It’s encouraging to hear of such ambition from girls, especially in this country, where females are traditionally left out of such privileges.

More cherries to come for the new day!

Just give him a few minutes and a plateful will be ready for breakfast :)

The Dourkhan village (just below Karimabad city) is blessed with fresh water from the Ultar Glacier, nurturing the soil with wonderful weather, and a fantastic view of Rakaposhi peak.

Our friends wanted us to join them for cricket & stay another night, but reluctantly we had turned them down … sigh … can’t forgive ourselves for that.

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