With education, with hope …

Soon after we realised that we’re being followed cautiously .. keeping a safe distance ….

“okie … good luck & have a safe journey!” the men in blue bid us farewell. Looks out we’ve come out of a sensitive region … the mysterious Kohistan … hmm ..

This German couple has been on the road for a year now (quite the same time we’ve started) and heading to Kashgar. They are really well equiped and were on full-suspension cycles. Way to go! Keep the spirit high!

As the highway leads further down, more greenery can be seen with field of crops and houses and villages along the mountain slopes.

In Jigal village, we met Nisar. He is a teacher & the headmaster of the public school. Here in their morning assembly, everyday the students will sing the National Athem, a poem by their national poet & recite from the Koran.

Their classroom is nothing more than a room with a blackboard and a chair for the teacher. In fact, it is a wonderful though humble beginning, a hope for a better future.

Unlike some countries, it doesn’t pay very well to teach in the village, least to brag about the benefits. Nonetheless, these young teachers strive on. It’s the best thing they can do for the next generation, for their country. Pass it on!

We’re beginning to see many of these terrace on the slopes of the mountains. In many places, water is brought about by irrigation.

The Chinese engineer explained another usage of water equally important but probably more destructive for the nature. They’re building a dam & a hydro-plant. In this initial phase, rocks from the hills are blasted away to path way e lfor pipings, roads and structures.

In such projects, the local authority has to be well informed and given FULL cooperation in order to get things done on schedule. Luckily for us, we happened to arrived in time for such dinner meetings :)

This China-Pak power project in Besham would last for some years to come, therefore proper housing, dinning and recreation compound have to be well factor in. By early next year, around 200 Chinese staffs will be mobilised to work here.

Mr Gan & Mr Chai, the men leading this major project. Good luck and make us proud!

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