Kathmandu to Lhasa … our last option!

18hrs of bone shattering bus ride, 1-1/2hrs intense bike ride and another 20hrs of exhaustive bus ride, we finally re-turned to Kathmandu. Our last option to enter China would be via Nepal into Tibet, by bus (again). We rode into Kolkata from Dhaka, and embarked on the u-turn journey by long distance buses from there. As we rocked, bounced, thrusted and bumped by/with the buses, our stressed mind were always on our steeds above us, on the bus’ roof. Luckily, they survived the ordeal … phew …
Well, the good side of this detour? we caught abit of the Durga Puja (or Dashain in Nepali), a major hindu festival in India and in coming days, the Tihar (or Deepavali as we know) would be celebrated in Nepal.
The backtrack journey is history, now comes the uncertainty of travel from Tibet to mainland China, wasted visas, sunk costs and additional ones. Mixed feelings … uncertainties, festive moods. For the time being, let’s just welcome the Festival of Lights! *clap, clap* And for this, we bring to you more entries from our KKH ride … *wink*

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