Merry X’mas & Happy New Year 2006!!

Dear friends of a2e,
It has been almost 17 months & around 20 500km recorded, having wasted 12 sets of brake pads, changed 10 pieces of inner tubes and ran on 6 pairs of tires since the journey began.

After crossing the Arctic Circle at Santa Village in Finland that day in the ending of summer, we have ridden to the Baltic countries, down through parts of Eastern Europe in rainy autumn, eventually turning towards Asia along the Black Sea coast. Next, travelling alongside the Caucasus Mountains, across the vast Caspian Sea and then into Central Asia, famed for the Great Silk Route in winter and spring. Navigating southwards onto the Karakoram Highway, leading into the Indian Sub-continents in the hot summer months, only to be deny of entry at the gate of South-East Asia and disrupted our “no aided-transport by will” notation. With no extra time to play, we backtracked to the country widely known for Mount Everest by coach in mid autumn, and then onwards into the land of 1.5 billions, flying over the Himalayas. Starting the journey again by cycle from our forefather’s hometown, we rode through the highly developed cities of the coastal provinces which are still revising its skyline at alarming pace. In order to keep our dateline checked, a2e continued the home-bound route by coach & train into Indo-China. Now wearing our padded tights once more, we will be riding into familiar grounds finally.

In the coming days, we shall be welcoming the Christmas holiday and ushering the new year of 2006. We, the a2e riders, eagerly grab this occasion to thank & wish from the bottom of our hearts, the 450 odds families & people we have came to know and befriend, the countless passersby who we chatted with, the amazing handful of cycling travellers we have so fated to crossed path and for all moments, our dearest supporters & family members back home and abroad, “Merry X’mas and Happy New Year 2006! May our fond memories last longer and looking forward to the day we meet again! Best of health and wealth :) Stay well!

Keep the flame going strong, tough and joyfully & may it brighten your days and those around you. We LOVE you! :)
a2e … let’s hear the beating of our hearts echo the rhythm of the globe. Riding ON!

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