Road Quiz # 2 …. Answers!

Yo people! Yah yah yah … it’s been a rather long wait. People say it’s not nice to keep debts over the new year, so here it is! I would say, the last On the Road Quiz *wink* Hope you had fun with us for the passed days. Happy NEW Year 2006!!

On the Road Quiz #2: Answers

1. “… attract the most number of touches (more like harressments!)?…”
haha … naughty minds huh … the item I had in mind is the saddle. Can’t bare to see what’s left of it now?! To so many people, its curves and smoothness simply attract the touches, pats and presses.

2. “…what question do you feel we’ll try to avoid…”
“Which country do you like most!” & they really like to ask this … but how can we say?! After all, each truly has its own beauty, its uniqueness and fond memories.

3. “…which country do most of the travellers…”
To date, the highest hits have to go to … Japan! We’ve met 3 daring guys on bicycles (in separate occasions), 1 cheerful girl backpacking with a foldable cycle, and couple more joining the travellers’ path, quite commonly girls. Next probably would be French, Netherlanders, Germans and Austrians.

4. “…what phrase/s will be the most welcome…”
“Yes, you can stay in my house.” or “Can I invite you to stay in my house?” :) … really, no matter where you are, there’s no place like home. It’ll always has more stars than any hotels!

5. “…How much budget has been drained so far?…”
A simple breakdown of major expenditures (till Dec 2005):
Land – Train from Helsinki to Roveniami, van into China, bus out of China, bus from Kolkata to Shiliguri, bus from Karkavitta to Kathmandu, sleeper coach from ShangHai to FuJian & GuangZhou to GuangXi, train from Hanoi to HoChiMinh
Sea – Ferry across Baltic Sea & Caspian Sea (and numerous across rivers),
Air – Kathmandu to Shanghai.

Visa issued
Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, China (x4 where 2 were unused), Pakistan, India, Nepal & Bangladesh.

We saved generally on daily food and substantially on lodging. Of course, no spending on big souvenirs other than postcards & stamps.
A close estimate should be between US$2500 for each of us. Not bad hor? Better to be out travelling than staying at home yah!?

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