Answers to Road Quiz #3

Selamat Datang! It’s great to be back to Malaysia and its tropical weather *wink* Since we touched our’s country soil 6 days ago, I’ve drank more teh tarik than I ought to! Now we’re in KL, soon to be back home *thumbs up*

Ready or not, here’s the answers to quiz #3 as promised … hmm … unfortunately, not many people gave a try :(

Longest & shortest dist travelled
Ans1- It’s still a few days before the a2e journey officially comes to an end. However, I believe we won’t be making any new benchmarks :)
Shortest distance recorded was in China, along the Pak-China highway (#314). We were leaving from the site of KunLun Quarry only to ride to their next site 3.11km away! Initial plan was only for a tea-break visit, but turned out we stay for the night and in the end stayed for 2 nights!
Longest distance travelled happened just few weeks ago. We started from Sakeao, Thailand at 8am. With a good tail-wind and smooth roads, we eventually decided to go all the way to a friend’s place in Nonthaburi (just north of central Bangkok). It was 204.62km and we reached her place at around 9pm. Exhausted no doubt!

Things seen on the road
Ans2 – Apart from the usual rubbish, I saw a couple of diapers and banana skins. haha ..Good thing I stayed clear from those. You’ll also be amazed what sort of creatures tried crossing the roads these days. There were lots of caterpillars, millipedes, centipedes, butterflies, beetles, grasshoppers, crikets, some snakes & lizards, a crab (no kidding!), a buffalo, few chickens, and the top scorers go to, cats and dogs. As you might have guessed, many of them did not make it to the other side. Such terrible death, squashed time after time. Sometimes, I can’t even tell what it used to be…sigh… and that buffalo, don’t know how it died, but the totally bloated beast took up almost half of the road, and the stink. Dearest road users, do have a little more patience … and have mercy.

Things seen in the toilet
Ans3 – Maybe we should have taken pictures of all the toilets visited! What a collection it’ll make! And the toilet being the one place we cannot avoid to go, particularly when it’s urgent and there a hairy spider as big as half you palm! And often, it’s not just one of those crippy crawlers, there was a toad as well!
ps. toilet paper is one of a rare item to have! Usually, there are torn pages of old textbooks, namely mathematics :)

Four weddings and funeral
Ans4 – Looking back in our records, encounters like these truly made the journey unique and memorable. The dancing, eating, singing and drinking, their constumes, expressions, feelings and the ceremony …

1. Farmhouse wedding party at Sangaste, Estonia
2. Turkish Karadeniz (Black Sea) wedding at Vakfikebir
3. Azerbaijan wedding at Laxi village
4. Outdoor village at Uzynsuw, Turkmenistan
5. Wedding at Mary with TurkmenGaz staffs
6. Ram Mandir Hindu wedding at Sonepat, India

1. Turkish funeral at Ordu
2. Thai Buddhist funeral at Bannaderm village
3. Thai funeral at Wat Rayratsutat, Julaporn (on the following day!)

And in one special occasion, we appeared as surprise guests at a birthday party of a pair of twins (boy & girl) at Farad, Turkmenistan! What a happening place :)

Alright friends, hope you’ve fun knowing about the stuffs we’ve experienced. I guess this is the final quiz there’ll be … last note, “Be ready and keen to meet the unknown!”

…. that’s all folk ….

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