On the Road Quiz # 3

Hey! Sawadee Kap! Oh and Sawadee Pimai! Happy New Year!! We have reached … Hat Yai! Yah, our last point in Thailand! And guess what, along the long southward stretch, this quiz has been formulated :) Are you ready?!

On the Road Quiz # 3
1) Guess the Longest and Shortest distance covered in a day.

2) What sort of things we saw on the road? Example, plastic bags of rubbish, tree branches & rocks. Well, be logical but creative!

3) What sort of things we saw in the toilet! *wink*

4) Have you seen the Four Weddings and a Funeral? heehee … Make a guess how may weddings and funerals we been to?

Well, that’s all people. This time I promise to release my answers by the time we get to Kuala Lumpur! In a weeks time I hope!! So quick quick try it!! See you all soon!!!

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